Land Planning


Thoughtful land planning is key to successful land development projects. It requires creative vision, a real knowledge of engineering principals and cost management skills, and the ability to make educated decisions under tight schedules. Because of our experience, DAA delivers that and more.

Service Profile

Our land planning process includes:

  1. a site visit to assess the property's attributes and surroundings
  2. identification of zoning and engineering requirements
  3. a preliminary investigation of existing topo, trees, floodplain, utilities, easements, and right-of-way
  4. land plans tailored to our clients wishes and market trends
  5. development of schematic engineering and preliminary costs
  6. a positive presentation of the overall vision to the public


At DAA, we recognize our clients may make strategic land acquisitions and development decisions based, in part, on our land plans and our opinion of construction costs, so we strive for excellence. Whether a project is residential, commercial, or municipal, we partner with clients every step of the way to ensure creative land plans that make economic sense.

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